Monday, 29 August 2011

A Life of a Student?

So here I am again, Six years on, going back into education. I went in last week to have an induction and an interview. Thankfully I got in. I start on the 12th of September. Next Friday is the taster day, which is compulsory to attend.

So last week when I went in for the interview, I got the opportunity to meet other hopeful students. They looked happy and excited. I was happy and excited too until I got home and realised what I had got myself into. Now, I feel absolutely terrified. Worse thing is, my friends think I am clever and intelligent so I will do well, but I really don't I can live up to their expectations. I just happen to say clever and intelligent things most of the time. I try to think before I speak (not always though). I recently added an old school friend on facebook, who told me that I 'would probably get into Cambridge University no problemo', because I 'was intelligent at school.' I was not an A star student at school, far from it. I averaged a 'C' on most assignments. I felt happy when I got a B or a C+.

So what has changed in the last 6 years?
What hasn't? It's amazing; I'm the one interviewing myself and still asking stupid questions.

I hope it's natural to feel this way. I am pretty sure it is. Hopefully, things have changed enough, as in I work harder this time. I will have to get As instead of Cs because I am indeed applying to Cambridge U.

In other news, or olds depending on if my stalker is reading this (if I would be so un/lucky to have one).

-The plants came back to life! ~Amazingly~
However, the white/ pale green bugs still managed to find their way back some how. The spray I got to rid of them is so useless ¬_¬

-My mother came down to see me a couple of weeks back, amongst other things she had brought with her was a SEWING MACHINE. So I now finally have one! I can now make my own curtains, clothes, bags and other cool things. (Haven't touched it since we put it on my work desk)

-I began to read Lord of the Rings. It is amazing. Definately good for the brain. Brain food, almost.

And I said I would put on the new paintings the last time, so here they are:
No name as yet, but it is now sold.

This one has no name either, could simply call it 'Aubergine'.

Until next time,