Monday, 21 October 2019

Feeling Alive

 Well, it has been 2 years in the making, I find myself on the path to redemption. Mental health, especially when it breaks down creates a path of distruction. Anyone and everyone one physically and mentally interacts with is affected. But afterwards, it takes double if not triple the amount of time and effort to be open and for those people to be ready to confront that situation, to forgive and for us to redeem ourselves. This process is very important for us. We cannot expect understanding from others if we ourselves cannot understand where and how we ended up in the pit; the pit being the worst place we've ever been. For me, it was an attempt to end my life. I didn't realise that it would take me a couple of years to confront and change the different parts of my life that needed improving and developing, but I have done what I can so far.

Mental health illnesses may seem familiar to those who have suffered from them but an overwhelming majority of people still don't understand what it is. If empathy fails on them to feel anything, chances are they are unlikely no matter what. Instead, my proposition to you is, if you can, pause before attempting to commit suicide, don't count your blessings or any of that bs, open yourself sincerely, don't worry about that whole nonsense about being selfish, just remember you are valued. You are not alone, there is a whole lot of us out there. Don't give your life up, it's not them, it's not you either. You belong. It doesn't matter if you're the black sheep, I am one too. I'm glad to be alive, it's taken a while to feel that way, but I am ultimately glad to be alive. And you may be one day too.

Sen X

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