Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Hibernation, and the life of a melancholic writer

Ha! Yes, I have been in hibernation since the last post... but a vampire too. Sleeping long yet odd hours of the day and very little in the night... no blood drinking though, not even red wine. Not getting out much... haven't even gone out to get any milk. This was mainly due to being ill with a bug/ cold. But also because I just wanted to hide away from everything.

My whole body was numb, as was my heart. Lost my man friend... boo.

But time seems to have started back up again. Trying to restart life... even if it is somewhat cranky from staying still, out in the cold.

So the first thing I've decided to do is to replace, as stated, the man friend with a KITTEN. And perhaps spoil the him/her rotten...

Things to do:-
1) Adopt Kitten
2) Easy up on Ben and Jerry's
3) Stop fantasising that man friend will fly over to England and whisk me away. Because he won't :(
4) Finish reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Hope you all have a good week,

Friday, 14 January 2011

Bieber f@*#ing fever

Just one day, I ask, just one whole day without his effing name being mentioned... it's bad enough that people have an annoying abundance of typing his name under every youtube video, let alone women, even men saying his name in completely -nothing-to-do-with bieber-convos.

A few days ago I decided to do a little test to see if I could go for a day without hearing his name, to see if there could be one day where he was just non existence.
Today, went well, until 11pm, when a friend pointed out that a guy in a film sort of looked like him. Then of course she looked at me guiltily. It still didn't help.

He's an okay singer, dumb as a bell when he talks. I don't have anything against the chap. I just wish people would move on to someone else, someone new...

Friday, 7 January 2011

Dentists and Soup

Tastes like cardboard...

The view from my window a month ago.

My first ever post

This is my first ever proper post! Even though I seem to have had this blog for almost 3 years... I don't quite remember why I opened this account in the first place... or even why I never bothered writing here.

Although saying that, I do feel rather naked writing here right now. But I do hope that these words with give me some sort of clothing and I won't be completely exposed out in the wide webbed world of internet.