Sunday, 24 March 2019

*B£€£€t* Free Zone (though it is about that)

My hope for this blog post is to keep it the 'B' word free, though no promises.

Like many people, I am sick and tired, angry and ashamed of the UK government. But one thing that really made me want to be violent is people lacking the understanding of what democracy is. I will admit that I have frothed at the mouth when I have read comments in social media or other website using the referendum as the only democratic part of this whole thing. And though I have gotten angry thinking these people are idiots, it is only recently that I have realised that our education system has been broken for a long time. These adults who were once students never got taught anything about civil education. Because has they been taught this, they would know that marching and protesting was not undemocratic. They would know that another vote was not breaking any codes.

To be fair, just having a go about the lack of understanding of leavers voters would be narrow minded.  This is because leave voters aren't just fighting against another vote because they believe it would be undemocratic. Many of those who voted in parts of the UK voted in large numbers voted in spite of the Tories who had and have forgotten them. It also isn't surprising that these same people read tabloids which have been spewing lies about the EU for YEARS. The UK has been the 'Dunno' nation of the EU for many years. But really, the broadsheets that have maybe a little information are more expensive. It doesn't help that they are mostly written by privileged people whose lives are in stark contrast to those who live in the forgotten lands. Evem I am privileged, living in the city that wasn't really affected by the recession.

This creating generations in clusters of the country that are intolerant, angry and perhaps racist didn't just happen in that last couple of years. They are indicative of the years of work by the government. Just think back to they last time we had Tories  were in government. They don't want everyone to have civil education. They certainly don't want everyone to have some agency.

So, the next time you read someone going on about democracy and saying remainders are snow flakes, just remember that this maybe have been the one thing they've won in a while. Of course, there are privileged folk who voted leave, but this post isn't about them.
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Sen X

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(PS apologies for mistakes, written very quickly with the words running faster than I could tap into the tablet whilst on very high doses pain killers.)