Tuesday, 18 February 2020

My-graines and My online store!

Migraines are the worst. Unless, of course, you only get them once every few months, for then you can say that cheesy yet deep line, "this too shall pass". Hey, it helps, and once the migraine vanishes, the light headedness is pure euphoria. 
Unfortunately, for me I have been getting them nearly every single day, not just once but multiple times a day since last year. I can't tell myself that this too shall pass every time now. I used to, it was a great comfort when I got them once a month or so. How something so comforting has now transformed into a punching bag is quite crazy to me.

Migraines are the worst. I hope you don't get them, even you, my worst enemy, of which I have none but I wanted to add that just in case. I miss going outside for walks without feeling dizzy, or looking bewildered in Sainsbobs (Sainsburys) that I scare the language school students. It happened. I miss breathing in fresh ish air and not being nearly knocked out by the werewolf like senses I've developed that make every smell a 100 times stronger that make me sick. I have shrunk the size of my mouth because I am constantly unconsciously clinching my jaw because I'm afraid I will throw up. Lurvly.

I just thought you ought to know, being absent so long. I have instagram now, not that I'm regularly on it, though I do use it quite a bit more. I'll add a link below. I also opened an online shop. I'm not managing it as well as I should, again because of the above. But I did put some stuff on there. I will most likely, soon, I hope, put a post up about it, but having been silent on here, I thought I may as well share it here.
So, you can buy my art prints themselves or the drawings on various other things like scarves, mugs, cushions, etc if you wish. I already tested them and it's good quality. I have the tote from the first picture below at the bottom. There's more designs available in the store, check it out. 

Here are some pictures. 
Price's are most likely going to be different. 

The best thing is the website Red Bubble only make the items when ordered which means that there's no extra waste. Here's the link:

You know, I feel less annoyed, irritated and grumpy from when I started typing up this post. Thank you for reading. 

Until next time, 
Sen x

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