Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My 8 Mantras For Living a Good Life

There comes a point in our lives where we doubt our purpose, question our decisions and fear our future. In that moment, we believe that the reality we find comfort in is somehow distorted, that what we think of ourselves and what we think others think of us is completely different. We wonder whether the truth is what we think it to be, or whether it's just a lie we have created in order to live happily. And if it is a just a reality full of lies, we wonder when this reality will come crashing down.

After that moment passes, it is sometimes difficult to know what the reality really is, and whether some of those dark thoughts were real. Some of us experience these thought more often than others. I believe that by living by some life mantras, we can find relative happiness. That is not to say that we won't have these dark thoughts, but I think that having some core human beliefs will mean that those thoughts won't make us question our life once the darkness subsides. So, I have compiled a small list of things that I try to live by and I hope it helps:

First, it doesn't really matter what others think of us, as we will never be able to live fully or happily if we are restrained by others' views.

Second,  try not to hold extreme views about anything, unless you have thought through it, after finding out both sides of the argument, and done some research on the subject.

Third, pick a side, never stand in the middle.

Fourth, don't jump on any bandwagon, find out what it's about, then think about it.

Fifth, never let people walk all over you

Sixth, try to do something that makes you happy as often as possible.

Seventh, try not to hold hatred in your heart, it eventually turns to poison.

And finally, be open to changing your views, as you grow and learn.

I would greatly appreciate reading your life mantras in the comments section. I hope that the ones I live by are helpful, (although, I haven't listed all of them) and also please know that we all have those scary moments where we question ourselves. Sometimes, they mean nothing, and at other times, a part of us is telling us to make a change. Only you can know whether this is the case. Remember, this is the only life we have, so make the most of it.

I hope this post wasn't too cliched, but sometimes it's good to remember that we just have one life, and one which we would like to be relatively happy,

Sen x

Monday, 11 August 2014

Swedish Blues

Life has not quite been the same since returning from Sweden. I still cannot believe that it has already happened. Although it was half a year that I spent there, it went so quickly that now that I am back in England, it feels as though it was just a dream. I suppose life experiences are a bit like that, they are intangible and holding on to them is a bit like trying to hold on to sand in the palm of your hand. Of course, I miss those times, and although it was only in June that I returned, it feels as though it was many years ago. 

I was born in England, and though spent much of my childhood in India, I returned when I was 11. At the ripe old age of 27, I believe that I have finally made a home for myself in Cambridge. It's a city that I studied in as a youth and still study in as an adult. I know most of the little gullies in the Centre and still feel this enchanted with the city. It's a beautiful place. But being in Umea, I felt for the second time somewhere where I belonged. At the lake, that was about 3 minutes from where I was staying, amongst the old, long trees, I felt like I truly belonged there. The first time I felt like that was in the mountains of the Himalayas, where I studied as a child. This sense of belonging in Umea was so strong that it also had the undertones of tragedy. I wasn't going to live there forever; I would only be there for a few months. 

Over the months I spent there, I took a lot of photographs, I didn't really need to add any filters or play around with the camera, most of the pictures are taken as is. 

Sen x