Monday, 20 August 2012

Camping, Uni and Beyond

It is official... I begin university in September... blimey... that's next month! Hmmm... so, not that scary then... O.O I suppose I am a little apprehensive and I am glad that I am. That's three years of studying hard. 
Three years. 
I guess no one is someone without the long hard road/ stairs... journey. 

The thing with life is that we may end up doing something completely different. We will develop. People will say you've changed in a negative way. They'll be envious because you're come so far and they are still stuck in a rot that they cannot or won't shift from. Trying something new can be daunting and people fear change. So who knows what I will end up doing. Who knows... it may all end in December...

Before all that happens I am going camping for the first time in my life. I remember watching Carol Vorderman on Room 101 a few months ago, trying very hard to put Camping Holidays in the hole. She described her horrible experience of rain and mud and god knows what else. One thing I remember in particular is that she said something about her tent sliding down a hill while she was inside asleep... this makes me wonder, what kind of an idiot pitches their tent on a sloping hill? We have booked our pitch on flat land and therefore, will unlikely tumble anywhere. as for rain and mud... has she not heard of wellington boots? 

Mind you, my positive perspective on this may change afterwards. I am getting a little excited, and every time I day dream, I do think about the sunset or sometimes it changes to surrounded be garden candles and eating marshmallows, and all the other unlikely things. In reality, I will have wind blown hair, cactus legs and it will possibly (most likely) rain and I'll smell like a wet dog. I might have to tell people- friends about my imaginary made up camping trip if all goes down hill anyhow. I'm not really a whinger so as far as I know I will have a good camping trip despite the rain/ landslide/ hurricane and whatever else. 

I had some money the other day... or so I realised after getting the confirmation email that I had been accepted to study at ARU. I wanted to treat myself, I wanted more books.
Got home with a few 1st ed hard backs from Sir Terry Pratchetts, a few manga novels, special ed LOtR books and a book by Meera Syal called 'Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee'. Here is a link for the miniseries BBC made also starring Meera Syal I have not seen it yet but hope you enjoy!