Wednesday, 30 June 2021


 What a year it has been for everyone. I suppose we will all talk about this after a good few years have passed. We all felt a sense of loss in some way, some directly losing someone they cherished to the plague, others a sense of freedom or freewill- a loss nonetheless. 

What didn't surprise was the online amenities popping up that were never available for those who have to stay inside most of the time outside of Covid. However, I did wonder, will these people realise the yearning the 'invisible' folk feel of wanting to connect that they created ever so quickly and easily. Of course, I feel bitter. 

 In Cambridge, I saw people gathering online to take care of our homeless population. I made boxes for food banks as we could no longer donate in the local supermarkets. Yes, the world came together to help each other. But there was still an ugly underbelly of this beautiful sight. People not following the rules; going outside in troves on a sunny day, refusing to wear masks, or the most basic of things- to stay in. Now, I understand that in many European countries they were doing the Herd Immunity, however, that was not what we were doing. it's hardly going to help anyone if we start doing different things. Look, I like to see myself as a Rebel, but not when it puts others' lives in danger.

I should really confront the elephant in the room, I have been gone for a long time, and each time I thought about you, I felt as though there was so much to say and so very little. The issue with popularity is its harder to be honest, or rather a few years back I became so self-conscious that I felt anything I wanted to write about may not be what anyone wants to read about. On top of staying inside during lockdown, all my inspiration got zapped away. I felt like an empty vessel, or as if all my veins were clogged up and none of my thoughts could escape in the form of lines or words. 

Now, I want to be as positive as possible here and the inspiration did return and I have to say, I feel my art has improved, and to top it off Bard music is back, medieval inspired music now known as Bardcore, the music some say that was around the time of the Black Plague, now back in fashion due to what we are facing today. Some dark humour there... 

Here are some examples:

I hope you all stay safe,

Until next time.

Sen x

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