Saturday, 5 November 2011

Upwards and onwards?

Things have changed, well developed. College is great. I am meant to be doing an essay for Criminology, instead I am sitting, procrastinating. Waiting, I suppose for something to happen within me, where I become so motivated that nothing distracts me and I write so much that I have to edit the whole thing down to 1500 words. I hope that this time it will happen sooner rather than a few hours before the dead line. Since wrting the lat line, I can feel it creeping up in me, the feeling a soldier feels on the front line. I am ready to attack this essay. I'll see how far I can get...

A day after...
Yes! it's done. Originally, I had planned to say the above sentence along the lines of, 'A few hours later', but as the hours went by, I sat staring at the screen, scared and confused. I gave up and went out for a pint to help me think. One pint turned into two, eventually I ended up falling asleep. Luckily, this morning I woke up with that motivation I have been so lacking over the past few days. I gave up spending some awesomeness time with someone special the other day in hope that I could do this god damn essay :(

But tomorrow's a new week. I hope to make up for lost time! I can do the housework at last! thankfully I'm not the only one who's not been able to do the laundry or the washing up. some women in the group have also hinted about letting their kids starve while they've been too busy doing their coursework. Thankfully, I only have Parsley and a Nigella plants. And of course myself to feed. Luckily though I started a diet a few weeks ago, so not eating has to be considered a good thing. Having said that, I haven't exactly been starving myself either. I need energy to concentrate. One thing I have not been doing is drinking enough tea.
Last week, while procrastinating, I finished knitting myself a scarf I had abandoned. It felt pretty good for the whole 2 minutes before getting scared about the essays. Luckily, I'm doing productive things, other people in my class have been going to the extremes of cleaning microwaves or dusting top of the shelves they've never dusted before. At least I am making devises to keep warm from the ever looming cold that is fast approaching.
Anyhow, anyone else in my position would be sick of typing by now. Actually, my eyes are hurting slightly. Think it's an early sign of tiredness. In fact, it might actually be a late sign. I need a few days away from the screen... like hell that's going happen.


Au revoir my amigos,

Until next time,
Sen x

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