Friday, 13 July 2012

Great Expectations

 A man from whom nothing is expected is a happier man than the one from whom great things are expected- (Me)

Lately, I've been feeling as though people are expecting a lot from me. They say thing like- "Oh, You'll be successful", or, "I can see a big career ahead for you" or in my mum's case, it's plain and simple, and a bit over the board - "You can buy me a house in a few years when you have a big job, oh and you will have a big job, I asked the Pandit". (Pandits are Indian Psychics).

I'm not really complaining, I'm concerned. What if I can't do it? When I'm feeling slightly depressed I think that it would be better if I die young because then people can say "She would gone far" because if I don't make it, that'll just disappoint every one, but most of all, me.


I suppose I'm working towards something- I've finished college with good marks (yay). I didn't fail like I thought I would. My back pain held me back a little (a lot of absence) but that was to be expected. I'm going to uni in September...

... BUT I feel as though everyone who tells me that I have a bright future or whatever is ignoring the present. As though I am nothing right now. It's as if my life hasn't begun yet. To be honest, this is how I was looking at it for a while too, just looking forward to starting to live that high life. I guess something changed a couple of months ago. I realised this is it. Now is important too.

It's important that we don't dream too much that we lose the sense of reality. I've made that mistake before.

It's all a journey and I want to savour every moment.

Have a happy Friday the 13th. Watch your step and cross the road carefully!


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