Sunday, 30 March 2014

Little Realities

Since the last post, I am glad to report that I am once again positive, and feel that not everyone in the world is a bad person, and that humankind still have hope... or perhaps I have yet again been sucked into the distorted reality I was in before the glass finally shattered...

 I'm not saying that I've gone back into the same crystal bauble with self reflective walls, with a few scratches to see outside only when I squinted really hard, but I feel that the one I currently reside in has clearer windows with which to view the world, and to top it off, it isn't the embarrassing bauble that gets hanged at the back of the tree, you know the one you handmade but looks crap yet you still refuse to not put on the tree amid out of sight. This bauble is now in the front, and as I learn more and more, I am certain that it will move closer and closer to the top. Of course, as I move closer to the top, I might just try to hop from branch to branch to the back, from time to time, unable to watch anymore, but knowledge is power and as I see I shall learn... but I will become power hungry and become the very person I was hating on last time.

Well, enough with the Christmas metaphors.

Sweden is lovely. I think my inner self has developed here a lot more, the literature given to me has genuinely made me think, and relate it onto my own life and so enabling me to relate it to the wider world. I wish I could finish my degree here. I don't want to go back to my home Uni. A Swede told me I could just move here, live here. It sounded so tempting, who knows I may well do that if an opportunity came by. Since coming here, I think I've heard the word 'sincere' more than ever before. I think that has had a profound effect on my own life. People also really know how to live. They do things with their lives, other than sitting with their phones in their hands. Of course, not everyone is like that but I'm glad to be in the company of adventurers.

I am reluctant to return. Just thinking that this adventure will be over in 2 months makes me feel sick and I dread it. I guess I really have settled in. I'll miss the beautiful sunsets, and  how the orange sunlight at around half 5 in the afternoon hits the trees making them look so breathtaking. I'll also miss the blue skies we've had all this week, the snow we had in the first two months that looked like diamonds when it had settled as well as pure white powder. Things will never be the same when I get back.

 I have made friends here that I will be sad to say goodbye to. All we can do is make more happy memories and keep them with us for the rest of our lives.

Sen x

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