Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Thoughts of the Day

I am not so clueless as to not realise that sometimes we have to hold up arms to defend our virtues, and our rights. Yet this year, it seems that people the world over have had to do this so many times. Rather than being the last choice to make, it seems like they zoomed past all the other options and went straight for the guns. I will not pretend that I know enough about verbal negotiation, especially when it comes to international politics but I do wonder whether we as the human species are failing at communication in something that is so vital to us. If wars are avoidable, and my belief is that they can be, then surely we may have avoided much of bloodshed we have had this year.

Perhaps I sound naive, and maybe I should shut this door and just concentrate on my own life. But I just can't do it. Even though my own personal life is beautiful, I just cannot shake off the wider world that also emcompesses my personal sphere. I am angry, and I am bewildered. Most of all, I am sad, sombre even, that our species cannot even get along and work together. Instead, innocent people of all ages are suffering and have died because the leaders of certain states cannot figure out a way that is peaceful. Why are they the leaders if they cannot even do this? I understand that some of the wars or the fighting is due to groups of people killing others who are not the same as them. And perhaps what my country's government and other countries' governments are doing is right or maybe it'll just fuel it even more. I cannot but feel sad about the innocent lives that will be destroyed today.

It makes me sorrowful that we as the human race are forgetting the lessons we learnt from the wars in the previous century. That those sacrifices had a shelf-life. And that perhaps all we really are is bloodthirsty. Never mind the climate change- we'll have killed each other well before all the ice melts.


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