Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Life is Full of Uncertainties

Uncertainty in life is a natural component of life. Some of us have come to realise that it is as much a part of life as it is about the journey we all take from the time we are born, knowing fully that our plans will never go straight from Point A to B, but that instead we will face obstacles and challenges that will try to knock us down or succeed in knocking us out cold. Many of us will get up straight away, while others will take a little longer.

Instead of looking at people who take their time to stand up again as weak, we should relish in their behaviour, for they may be lying there longer thinking, consoling themselves, only to become stronger once they are up again ready to fight and inevitably win. Whilst the person who got up straight away didn't give themselves the time to build up their strength meaning that they would easily fall again.

The reason I am writing about this today is that I as always the media relishes in showing us 'success stories' of those who have faced adversity but survived and then thrived, and it has made me wonder why I have taken so long to overcome what I faced and whether I have taken too long to recover. Or whether I am thriving but yet cannot see it. I suppose it is also about how we ourselves perceive our own success. Not a moment passes between a goal is achievement and then we are on to the next one. Do we give ourselves a pat on the back for achieving each goal? Or would that make us complacent?

I know that being afraid of uncertainty and hiding away because of it is definitely not the right way. But the world is full of uncertainties, many out of our own control. The lovely view in the front of my apartment is gone, replaced with the high concrete jungle blocks, out of my control and though it is sad, I must recover and relish instead at the memories of the never ending sunset skies. Whoever said that life is what you make it is right, it's how we overcome the uncertain events and changes that truly makes us grow. There's little point being afraid of what is yet to come, all we can do is be prepared.

Until next time,
Sen x

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