Thursday, 2 June 2011


My mother was hospitalised two days ago with stomach and chest pains, she is out now:) and a lot better:):)
I live quite far away from her and told her I was going to catch the next train out but she told me not to worry and not to come, still I worried the entire night. I rang her a few hours ago, she sounded terrible.
It scared me.
It also made me angry with myself.

I began to wonder why I lived in Cambridge and not nearer to her? Why could I not just up and leave? Is it easy to leave one life and build another?

As I type right now, I am looking at my furniture, at my precious books! I know I can easily move them. I look at my walls and I realise that I can have them replaced. But I wonder if it's really that easy to leave what you know, love and cherish.
Am I being selfish? Because I certainly don't enjoy living here because of the distance. I won't go into the nitty-gritty of why we live so far away from each other because by the time I finish, you'll be crying and I will have finished my first autobiography.

So, I sat and I thought long and hard. I decided to move there in 4 years, after I finish my studies. MUM is happy with that. Man friend is also happy. The plants are happy as long as I keep watering them. I am also happy.
I have a goal, a real goal... not a fantasy goal- Johhny Depp will never leave his wife for me. So I know the 4 year plan is definitely going to happen; I believe in it and it's not hard to reach.

(i'm sorry if this is not how a post is supposed to end. I would rather see you finish this post with a smile :)

(2013: update: mother has decided to move down to me in a few years and Johnny Depp has left his wife but is currently dating a super model... chances not as slim anymore...)

Sen x

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