Thursday, 9 June 2011

A View From My Window

A few posts ago I expressed an interest in taking photographs from my living room window, naming the post- 'A view from my window'. Well, that hasn't been the only picture I have taken. I don't take a photo every day, It's only when I see something beautiful that the camera is taken out super quick so I can try and capture the same thing that I can see. Although, the eye is the best camera out there, I like to think if you know how to then the camera is just as good, even though sometimes, good imagination goes a hand in hand with it. Especially if the photo is of some giant trees and rooftops. Which is what I tend to take photographs of. At least it's not photos of my neighbours... that would be not surprising of me but no.
The other day I was looking out of the window, it was 5pm, it still looked like early morning, with the crispy light shining on the rooftops. It looked 'tres' fresh and the air was just cool. So out came the camera:

It's amazing what you can find out of your own window, I don't even have a garden but I feel lucky enough to be able to see this every day:)


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