Wednesday, 6 July 2011


This isn't where I describe the above word or how it will play a huge role in destroying the world in 2012. Although saying that I can most likely come up with a really (un)believable story about it.

Still, we all procrastinate...
I am doing it right now. Late at night, may i add, when I should just go to bed. Catch up on sleep. But, I am finding it hard to go to bed before 3am these past few days, okay, weeks but only a couple.

But do you do it late at night when you should really be sleeping? Of course you do it if you are an insomniac. Or like me, that and have a bad back too. Boo. Enough sympathy. Now onto the news, well 'olds'. Why do they calls them Newspapers? Since all the information on them is one day old, I wonder...

I really have no prior plan of where this blog will go, as I said, I am procrastinating so please excuse the... urm... absence of plot.

Here's some random olds of this week so far...

>I decided to bite the bullet. Climb the fence. Just go for it and try my hands at oil paints.
I have to say, so far so okay. At first I thought it would just be a few strokes to test and learn more about the paint. It was a very small canvass and before I knew it I was forming shapes and in two nights I have pretty much finished a new painting. Tomorrow, I want to work on blending colours. It has been a quick painting, but I have also noticed oils take a long time to dry. I have been using acrylics for the past few years so I am not used to paint being wet for this long.

>I tried to capture the Cambridge Uni May ball fireworks on my camera, which I could see from outside my front door. It was a marvellous sight. Before I saw them, I had begun to believe I no longer had the phobia of fireworks. oh, I was so wrong. It didn't work out all that well. I had a lot of black pictures to go through to finally find these.

This one is probably the best one. I may have recovered a little by then realising I wasn't going to die.

By this point I think I realised they weren't going to keep going forever and decided to mentally slap myself and concentrate on taking a half decent photo.

>I have started writing properly again, after 7 months! I have found I am writing a lot better. Way better than I do on here. If I ever get published I will let you know. So I guess I am properly over a man of the Australian persuasion... Look at an older post to learn more...

In other news-
>My dream of having cats is kind of coming true. My friend is going away for a week in Early September so she is leaving her cats in my care to look after them!!! There is yet hope that I may indeed become the crazy cat lady!

Any how,
Time to sleep,
Sen x

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